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Mobile Phone Free Garmin Sat Nav

Garmin are a well known producer of satellite nagivation systems and their products are frequently bundled free with mobile phone deals. If there are any mobile phone deals including free garmin sat navs they will be shown below. You can read more on garmin sat navs here.

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About Garmin

Garmin are a very well known manufacturer of GPS sat nav systems and have established a good reputation in the United Kingdom and in the US. They not only produce in-car sat navs but have a range of sat navs for motorcycles and PDA’s.

I’ll start by having a look at the range of sat navs for motorcycles.

Garmin for Motorcycles

Garmin sat navs from motorcycles range from basic to hi-tech but all are waterproof and more importantly, highly durable. The most basic is the Zumo 660:

Zumo 660 RRP: £549.99

The Zumo 660 is designed for bikers and has been approved by bikers. It has a widescreen display and clear cut graphics for clear viewing even in bad weather. The Zumo 660 is also ‘sunlight resistant’ meaning that direct sunlight won’t make the image less clear. The colouring of the screen is brighter than in-car sat navs, making it clearer also. Like all sat navs on the market it has a touch screen but the Zumo 660’s is glove friendly, meaning that it detects where you are pressing easily.

The Zumo 660 allows you to upload mp3 and wma tracks so you can listen to music on the move without having to use a separate iPod or mp3 player. The Zumo 660 is also approved my motorcycle safety companies as it lets you have the volume at a safe level which means you’ll be able to hear some background noise too, irritating but a necessary precaution in motorcycle safety.

The Zumo 660 also has a Bluetooth feature which lets you connect the sat nav to your phone and make calls on the move. This, coupled with the ‘points of interest’ function means that you can identify points of interest such as petrol stations and restaurants and call ahead to your friends, telling them exactly how long it will take you to get there (something else which will be calculated by the Zumo 660).

Garmin for Cars

Garmin boasts a range of award winning GPS systems for cars. One of which is the Nuvi 865T.

Nuvi 865T RRP: £399.99

One of the defining feature of the Nuvi 865T is that you can give it spoken commands, this is incredibly useful is you need to keep both hands on the wheel at all times. All you have to do is push one button (‘push to talk’) and then give verbal commands for the rest of your journey. You can use voice command for more than just finding addresses, you can also use it to find road services and petrol stations, you just need to give it a clear instruction such as ‘find the nearest petrol station’ and it will find it for you. The Nuvi 865T also plays mp3 files and the voice activation works with this too. The Nuvi 865T also has safety camera alerts so you can slow down your speed when approaching a safety camera to avoid fines and accidents.